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FENNIS is a simple local multiplayer game for two or four players. It involves cubes pushing a square ball into their opponent's goal for five seconds to score a point.

Currently the game features:

-Three different gamemodes:

Timed, in which the players have three minutes to score the most goals

First to Three, which I think is pretty self explanatory

And Sudden Death, where the first player to score wins

-Graphical options:

Fullscreen toggling and FPS limiters (30 or 60) are both options within the game

-Layout options:

Three different game layouts to choose from!

-Partial controller support:

You can use the d-pads on 360 controllers to control the main game, but currently no analogue stick or menu controls are supported by the controllers. If you wish to implement them yourself I'd suggest downloading a program called joytokey

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Published2 years ago
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FENNIS.exe (2 MB)