A downloadable game

This is a local multiplayer prototype about blasting other people (and yourself) off of edges. I think it supports four Xbox Controllers. Probably? Maybe. I think so.


Press space to start the game and alt+enter to go fullscreen.

P1 - WAD/Space

P2 - Arrows/Enter

P3 - IJL/P (press I to join next round)

P4 - 846/3 (press 8 to join next round after P3 has joined) (also make sure to have numlock on)

If you're using 360 controllers the controls are just the D-Pad and the X button.

You can also press R to restart if a bug happens or Esc to return to the start screen/quit the game.

Don't forget you can double jump!

Music by incompetech.


WaVE.exe 48 MB